Dark Horse Strength and Performance

Bespoke training in a specialised facility located in Bray, Co. Wicklow

Personal Training

Do you want to become our next success story? Join a group of driven, like-minded individuals in a fun, social training environment. Results guaranteed.

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Strength and Conditioning

We offer specialised strength and conditioning training and programming for your sport or sporting endeavour

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Meet the Team

Conor McCabe, BSc

I've been coaching individuals to success in their respective areas, be they athletic pursuits, or just general fitness for little over a decade now. A background in sport science, alongside working with a wide range of people over the years has given me a great perspective on how to fit training into people's busy lives and make sure they enjoy it long term in a fun, sustainable manner! I love nothing more than watching someone take control of their life through training and seeing the person in front of you transform!


Ronan Lewins, BSc

I'm delighted to say that I've been working as a Coach for over 10 years now. I've racked up countless hours in the gym working with complete beginners and athletes over the years. I feel very lucky to have worked with such a broad range of people with varying levels of experience as it's allowed me to really master my abilities to expand upon and teach the material I cover with my clients. I'm very excited to be working in a space like Dark Horse Strength and Performance where we're focused on creating the best training environment for those looking to achieve results with a community of like-minded folks.

About Us

Founded in 2020, we aim to provide an efficient, effective solution to fitness and strength training for both the everyday individual and athlete alike. We believe in high standards, good hard training, and a thriving happy community above all else!


Check out our class times.

7:00amSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 mins
08:00amSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 mins
09:30amSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 mins
10:00amSGPT - 60 mins
12:00pmSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 mins
17:00pmSGPT - 60 mins SGPT - 60 mins SGPT - 60 mins SGPT - 60 mins SGPT - 60 mins
18:00pmSGPT - 60 mins SGPT - 60 mins SGPT - 60 mins SGPT - 60 mins SGPT - 60 mins
19:00pmSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 minsSGPT - 60 mins

SGPT: Small Group Personal Training


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Our Location

We are located on the end of Florence Road, Bray. Just off the main street. We have multiple public parking spaces available on the road to the gym.


17 Main Street, Rear of Bray Co. Wicklow




087 974 8058

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