The Top 5 Gyms to join in Bray in 2023

Are you a beginner in the gym and looking to start your journey into the world of fitness and training? Maybe you have some big goals you are set to achieve this year you just don’t know where to start? Here we’ll take a look at some of the top gyms in Bray, Co. Wicklow and what they specialise in.

Bray has many options for potential gyms to join - each catering to a different type of customer. Read below to find out where might suit you the best:

Shoreline Bray

One of the longest operating gyms in Bray, Shoreline is where you need to go if you have in mind access to a pool/sauna and big commercial gym space to train in. They also have a matted area for MMA-style training, and it may be the perfect place for someone with an interest in this area who wants a big training space.

The facilities are super clean and well presented and there is something there for everyone no matter what they're after. There is also ample parking with their own dedicated car park.


Located on Quinsborough Road in the centre of Bray town, FUSE is a perfect option for someone looking for a low-cost commercial gym style option for their training. Packed with lots of equipment, FUSE is sure to meet your needs if you plan on training solo.

Probably best to avoid at peak times - FUSE is ideal if you can operate at non peak hours.

FSM Bray

Another long-standing Bray gym, FSM located at the top of the town near Woodies is a great spot to partake in some gym classes and functional style training. A big facility, ample parking and plenty of classes make FSM ideal for someone who’s looking for a class-based environment and easy access.

Of all the gyms on the list, FSM is closest to the M50 and you can get there in under 2 minutes when coming off the exit at the top of Bray town near Woodies.


CSP is Bray’s resident CrossFit facility – with a wide range of equipment and classes catering to the CrossFit lover in Bray. Look no further if this is your go to style of training – CSP has a long-standing reputation and is one of Bray’s busiest gyms. Great classes and great facility.

A thriving community is one of CSP's strong suits and you're sure to find supportive staff and fellow members here!

Dark Horse Strength & Performance

Dark Horse Strength & Performance is Bray’s premier personal training facility – with a unique approach to small group style training not found elsewhere. At Dark Horse, clients are catered to with individualised, professional programming, delivered by highly educated and experienced coaches. If effective, fun to be around personal training is what you’re looking for, Dark Horse is the place to go!

Catering to both athletic populations and general members of the public, there is space for everyone at Dark Horse no matter your goals and experience level!

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